Memorial Run with April 3I have taken on a very unexpected interest and passion in long distance running. I started running in January 2014, when I heard about Meg Menzies, who was hit and killed by a drunk driver on a morning training run. Her tragic death left three young children without a mother, a young husband without a partner in life, and her parents grieving for the loss of their child. I found an incredible sense of community through this tragedy, and it somehow inspired me to lace up and run. The simple act made me feel like I was part of something, part of a movement to be the good and to make a tragic event turn into an incredible legacy for a woman I never met. It eventually found me with a running buddy through the group I Run 4 Michael, and before I knew it, I decided to run a half marathon or two.

A year later, I decided to up the game and in February 2015, I committed to running my first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon on October 25, 2015. From there I realized that I enjoyed the running. The training sometimes got a bit awful, yes, but the accomplishment, the freedom, the strength and yes the purpose of dedicating my efforts to others who need a lift or an extra prayer or good though has kept me interested in the sport.

I’m not sure how long the running will be a major passion for me, so I’ll just embrace it while it lasts. And while I am not sure if I will ever go full on crazy with the marathoning, I have a loose goal of running a marathon in all 50 states, should I find myself continuing this long distance running for many years to come. And of course, I won’t necessarily pass up a chance to run in another country should I have the opportunity…


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