11 weeks and counting

In just 11 weeks, I will be running the longest race of my life. It is something that I have been registered for since February, and yes, I have also been training for it since then. I’ve lost toe nails, suffered blisters, enjoyed fantastic runs, been discouraged, spent quality time with my husband on long runs, gone through two pairs of running shoes…and so much more! But now, only 11 weeks remain between me and one of my bucket list items, and I intend to buckle down and make this happen.

Since I’ve started my marathon training, I haven’t really followed a set training plan. I’ve looked at some and set my own training plan that is loosely based on a few of them, ensuring that I hit the main components needed to prepare me physically and mentally:

  • speed intervals (Yasso 800’s) – once a week
  • pace runs – once a week
  • long runs – once a weeks
  • cross training – 1-2 times a week
  • rest day – 1-2 times a week

However, the runner is hitting the road, and my feet need to, also! So I consulted the marathon training plans again, and am going to be sticking to the Hal Higdon Intermediate guide for basically the rest of the way. Of course there will be a few exceptions due to travel plans and the excessive heat in Cayman, but I’m going to use this as my guide to get me to the start line – and across the finish line on October 25th. So here is what I am looking at for the rest of my training (at some point, I’ll switch my long runs to Saturday so I can go to watch NFL football on Sundays). Yes, I’m looking at two 20 mi runs during this training, one of which will be in the crazy heat here (part of that will be run indoors, of course) and one will be run in the *hopeful* cooler weather in London! I’m especially looking forward to tapering the last couple weeks…

Hal Higdon 11 weeks to go

Source: Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 Marathon Training Guide

And because I have my second marathon to consider only 27 days following the Marine Corps Marathon, this will be my plan to let my body recover and be ready to run another 26.2 on November 22, 2015.

Hal Higdon multiple marathons

Source: Hal Higdon Multiple Marathon Training Guide

Thank you Hal Higdon for sharing these plans and helping a novice like me prepare properly for the run of my life!

2 thoughts on “11 weeks and counting

  1. you go girl!!!!! my hero!! i am also starting training for half marathon on December 4th in cancun . you are one of my inspirational favourite!!!!!!! i want to loose my thumb nail too….. only then i know i am a runner !!! LOL for now i am just recovering from a bad fall on my right foot, but today i believe i can put my running shoes back on.. !!!!
    thanks robyn.


    • Hi Isabella, sorry to hear you had an injury. That is no fun! Take it easy as you start back up. You will be amazing at your half marathon, I have no doubt! Just enjoy the journey and the experience!! Cheering you on, chica!


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