Marathon #23: This marathon is all for my mom

A new flower.

Braving this journey of grief and loss. Taking it on, taking it in, and eventually letting it go. Picking up the pieces every day. Trying to not be broken from this journey – even if it feels I will never be myself again.

My mom is in her final weeks – maybe days – and it seemed right to finally bring out the grey/silver flower for the Loch Ness Marathon – just for her. Marathon #23 is all for my mom.

I’m going to miss her.




Celebrating the last night of chemo with my mom.
January 30, 2018










6 thoughts on “Marathon #23: This marathon is all for my mom

  1. Robyn, I will pray for you and your Mom. I lost my mother and older brother both in July 2017. I will never stop grieving for my son Jayme. It does get easier to deal with all the emotions as time passes, but one never does recover fully. Bless you and your Mom.


  2. Robyn,

    I will keep you, your bother and your family in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this journey. You are not alone. Your mom is a very special person who I hold close to my heart. Sending her hugs.


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