Welcome to Robyn Runs the World!

I have been a runner for a bit more than a year. In one year, I have run more than I ever thought I would be interested in doing, somehow come to ‘love’ running and set an incredible goal that has me shaking in my shoes. I hope you enjoy reading more about my motivation, efforts, set backs, challenges, frustrations, triumphs and more. It may be a bit repetitive, but I hope to capture some of the spirit and joy of the act of running in my words.

I have inspiration from several places that I look forward to sharing. My life is full with support from my wonderful husband, great running communities of MegsMiles and IR4, and people that I meet while running who offer encouraging words of ‘looking great!’ My hard work pays off in spades, as I can easily see progress in the sport, which encourages me to continue.

In front of me lies the goal of a full 26.2 mi effort–the Marine Corps Marathon on October 25, 2015. And possibly another one a month later! LOL This sport is addictive. The race day experience is addictive. The long runs, not so addictive. But they help me take steps closer to my goal of a full marathon this year, my last year before I turn 40. Funny enough, I attempted a full marathon in January 2000 in Houston, TX. Sadly, my efforts didn’t end in a marathon run. My knees were very sore after a training run of 18.6 mi in the Houston Marathon warm up series in December 1999. So I never felt the rush from running that far or that long and crossing the finish line. Somehow, this goal has never left my heart, and I find myself–more than 14 years later–chasing the same goal with a new perspective and new attitude towards the sport. I honestly never thought I would be here again, but the enjoyment of the sport is what makes this time around different.

So with me registered to take on the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC, my running journey continues! I hope you enjoy reading about my efforts of running–from my home in the Cayman Islands to Harpers Ferry, Pennsylvania, Virginia and more locations–as I work to reach this goal.

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