Mission: Marine Corps Marathon

IdiotIt’s official. I am registered to run in the 40th Marine Corps Marathon on October 25, 2015 in Washington, DC. Twenty-six point two (26.2) miles of determination, sweat, tears, and possibly blood. Almost 50,000 steps.

I have yet to run more than 18.6 mi in any one effort. And even then, I have only done that twice: once in Dec 1999, and the other in Feb 2015. I must be insane.

I am also determined. My failed attempt at the Houston Marathon in January 2000 has haunted me on some level, apparently, and running a marathon has become a ‘bucket list’ item. I’m not sure why I’m so intent on achieving this. But it is what it is, and I am determined to do it this time around. So to keep my motivation high, I have booked out flights, hotel and paid up for the Runner’s World entry to ensure that I have no excuse to not do this.

The Marine Corps Marathon was one of a few that I considered doing for my first marathon. I had a couple things that were important when selecting this race:

1. My husband had to be able to travel with me and cheer me on: he is a tax accountant, and spring is his busy time. So I had to look at one that took place in the fall.

2. I wanted an inspirational race to run: based on everything I have read and all the people I have talked to, this is one of the most inspirational courses. From the sights of Washington DC, to the uniformed Marines that cheer you on, help you across the Bridge and finally put that medal around your neck, I can only picture how much encouragement will help me through those rough moments.

It also helps that my family is from Baltimore and my husband’s family is in Philly, so I will definitely have a large cheering squad–another bonus for this crazy effort!

HST logoTo make this effort not just about me, I have also decided to run to raise money for a charity that is near and dear to my heart: the Humane Society of Tulsa (HST). I served on the board of directors when I lived in Oklahoma in 2001-02, and my very good friend (and one of the founders of HST) is president. And since her mother passed away from ALS in February 2015, I am running her memory.  Mrs Linda Gardner was a huge supporter of the Humane Society, and she gave a lot to HST during her life. I thought it fitting to offer the donations in her name to an organization that was important to her…and continues to be important to her daughter.  (HST is a 501(c)3 organization, and therefore your donation is tax deductible). This will help me to make every step meaningful.

If you would like to make a donation to my run with the Marines in memory of Mrs Linda Gardner, please visit my donation website here. All money goes straight to HST. I am just promoting it and providing this blog as a way to chronicle my training and effort to get from here to there….and take my 26.2 mi victory lap! Thank you for your consideration.

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