How do they do it?

As I have been training for a long distance run over the last few months, I have had to really make time for running to ensure I get the miles in so my body is prepared and ready on marathon day. Of course, when I wasn’t working, it was fairly easy to make sure it happened. I had my favourite times to head to the gym: 10am or 2pm. Very few people there and it gave me lots of time in between meals to enjoy a good run, bike ride or yoga session.

Nor do I have kids that need additional attention, shuttling around, middle of the night cuddles, etc. So basically, my time was my own. (And that’s not to say I wasn’t busy, but everything I did was on my schedule, and my schedule alone.)

Then I took a job. It is only a 3-month job, but let me tell you, it is a full time ‘plus’ job that involves event planning. And when there is an event, there are no regular hours. In spite of my best intentions, my running has suffered a bit. Nothing too bad–yet, but I am only training for my marathon 3-4 days a week instead of 5-6 days a week. And if my race was much closer than October, I would be concerned. However, since I am 6 months ahead of schedule, I have plenty of time to make it up.

Which leads me to the whole point of today’s ramblings. How on earth do people with kids AND jobs do it? How can you? There are not enough hours in the day!!! I assume that sleep is sacrificed to ensure you can fit it all into your schedule, but how? The math simply doesn’t make it work, and I realize how much you must love the sport to truly make it a priority in your day. Good grief, you deserve a medal! Or maybe a much needed glass of wine at the end of the day. Your choice. And after realizing this over the last month of re-employment, I know that if I see a friend struggle with trying to make it all happen, I will be the first one to offer some assistance so they can fit it all in. Because it is ALL important. Your kids need you. Your pets have to be walked. Your spouse deserves your attention. The house can always be more tidy. Meals have to be prepared three times a day. Groceries don’t buy themselves, nor do bills automatically get paid. Bosses don’t care if you only got three hours of sleep last night. And of course, you need your release and down time, too. Plus about a million other things!!!

So today, I walk away with the utmost respect for those who train for long distance running (in particular) while balancing work and a family as well. You somehow make it happen to achieve all your goals–from personal to fitness–and make it look a lot easier than I know it to be! You inspire me to keep moving forward.

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