Uh oh–this just happened

So I haven’t even run one marathon, and yet I am already signed up for another one. Somehow, it just ‘happened’ that I have chosen to take on the challenge of the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on November 22nd. It will be only 4 weeks removed from the Marine Corps Marathon, which means that I may or may not be able to run it. As I told my husband, if I feel like I can’t, I can always drop down to the half marathon. So I’ll just cross my fingers that all my training over the next six months goes smoothly, I have a good run at the Marine Corps Marathon, and that my body bounces back fairly quickly to allow me to run another full marathon with a couple weeks rest.

Premium and bling from the 10th anniversary Tulsa Route 66 Marathon this November.

Premium and bling from the 10th anniversary Tulsa Route 66 Marathon this November.

I wanted to run this because Tulsa is a town that I left in 2002, and while that moved propelled me to so many great things in my life, I didn’t leave in the best of circumstances–a failed relationship, a job that took a bad turn, mostly due to working with my ex boyfriend. I did however, leave behind many very good people, and I have been wanting to reconnect with them on a visit to the area. Tulsa has not been one of the places that is ‘on the way’ to somewhere that we go for vacation, nor is it convenient to get to from Cayman. So it kind of has to be a destination unto itself, and I feel like this is the perfect reason to go back for a few days–I get to see my friends AND I get to run in what really is a beautiful downtown area!

And since I’m raising money for the Humane Society of Tulsa, it is a perfect opportunity to see their facility and wish them well in person.

Again, I ask the question: who am I? When did I become so excited to run long distances and put my mind and body through such grueling experiences? I honestly don’t know. I love the sense of accomplishment. I love setting a good example for my buddy Kiernan. I am inspired by Meg and her unbelievable strong family who continue to honour her memory. And I am uplifted by my friends and family who want me to do well in whatever makes me happy. And of course, it gives me a great chance to run through cities that I never thought to enjoy in this way. It is nice to slow life down to my whopping 6.5 mph speed and take it in while I pound the pavement on my way to whatever goal I have set for that day.

Get ready Tulsa, I’m coming back!!

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