So my attempt at swimming one-mile in the Flowers Sea Swim after not having trained AT ALL for it was surprisingly a resounding success! I was able to post my best time (40:16, doing the breast stroke and into a slight current), which was my best time by more than 1:30 over my previous best time (2011, my second go around in this event). And I wasn’t even pushing that hard, except at the end when I was ready for my pizza at the finish party!

Amazing what a bit of running can do for you!

(oh, and I won a one-night Staycation prize at the Wyndham Reef Resort! Lots of great moments at this year’s event, for sure!)

3 thoughts on “Success!

    • Hi Michelle,
      One of the great things about this swim is that you can be in the deeper water, or swim in the shallows, where you simply put your feet down and stand up in the water! One reason why I like it…I am a bit of a chicken and prefer to have the ‘safety’ net of the shallow water. That said, I did stretch my comfort zone and go into deeper water–where there was a lot more open space (since everyone seems to congregate close to shore).

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