A finish line reward?

Meeting up at mile 13 to finish off a total of 17 miles. So thankful for my support crew!

When I finally decided to run a full marathon, then started the training that will get me across the finish line, my husband was so supportive. Without fail, he runs the last 3-4 miles of my weekly long runs with me, and he will meet me along the course to refill my water if I am unable to find a place to do so. He then drives us home after the long run, and while I shower, brings me a cold beer and makes dinner. Usually a dinner that I won’t eat more than a bite or two (if that much) because I feel sick from the heat. When I moan to him, as I lay on the ground unable to move too much, that I want my fizzy water with ice, he gets up and gets me a glass without hesitation. Week after week, since January he has done this.

I'm looking forward to adding this 26.2 badge to my Road ID band!

I’m looking forward to adding this 26.2 badge to my Road ID band!

So when he asked me if there was anything that he was supposed to get me after I finish a marathon – like is there a set piece of jewellery or type of flower that he needs to be prepared to hand to me on October 25th, I kind of laughed. I pictured an anniversary gift type scheme that the running community might have, but one that I clearly don’t know about. I wonder what it would look like: you get a silver chain for your first marathon, a gold charm for the second, a bottle of fine wine for your third? Or maybe the gifts are more running oriented: a fuel belt for your first, iTunes gift card for your second and a lifetime supply of body glide for your tenth? Oh, the possibilities are endless!

But in all seriousness, the only thing I look forward to after receiving my heard-earned medal from one of the USMC members, is seeing my husband at the finish line, having him give me a hug, kiss and my badge for my RoadID band, and sharing in the moment with the person who supported me from the day I decided to do this until the day I actually did it. In a sense he will have earned it, too, for being my cheerleader, supportive in everything from buying me the gear I need and want for running to agreeing to all my crazy trips to run in half and full marathons. Sweetie, you have been such an incredible part of my effort, and I can’t imagine how I would have done it without you helping me the whole way. So I’ll just look for that hug, kiss and picture at the end.

And if you want to also buy me diamonds to celebrate 26.2 miles, I will certainly not complain! 😉

What have you wanted to receive as a ‘gift’ to celebrate your half or full marathon? Is it something you bought for yourself? Or did someone else buy it for you? Maybe I should start that ‘running accomplishment gift list’ with all your suggestions!

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