The next challenge

It has been a few days since I posted last, and while I may not have been writing, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been running.I did rest my legs and body for a few days after the marathon, but jumped back in last Thursday with a nice and easy 4-miler, followed by 10 miles on Saturday (Oct 31), 3 miles yesterday (Nov 2) and 6 miles today (Nov 3). As my grandmother used to say, ‘there’s no rest for the wicked.’ No rest indeed when my next race is looming (well, next two races actually), and while I may not be running as hard as I would if these were one-off races, I want to be sure that my body doesn’t go into shock on the course.

The back bib that MegsMiles members will wear at the Richmond 8K, Half Marathon and Marathon on November 14, 2015.

The back bib that MegsMiles members will wear at the Richmond 8K, Half Marathon and Marathon on November 14, 2015.

Next up: Richmond Anthem Half Marathon on Saturday, November 14th. This is not a ‘race’ for me, but a mere long, slow distance run that I will happen to run with a few thousand new friends. I chose to go to this race because of my participation in the Facebook group ‘MegsMiles.’ (Read more about the story of Meg and what this has to do with my running efforts here.) For the second year after Meg’s death in January 2014, members of this group – from around the US and even internationally – will travel to Richmond, VA, and take part in the Richmond running events as a way to honour and remember Meg. After meeting a few MegsMilers this past May, including Meg’s husband, I just had to be involved, even if I was already committed to running races before and after that weekend. The energy of the group is so positive! We encourage each other as we reach goals that are personal, professional and athletic. We as a group try to ‘be the good’ and spread this as a way to remember Meg Menzies, who was a gentle, positive, loving person. How could you not want to be surrounded in person by people who reach out and comfort you when you are hurting? I can’t tell you the amazing support of the group when I suffered the bulging disc in my back days before my marathon. I have felt the compassion, love and support of these people first hand, and let me tell you, it is an attractive force. I really want to be part of this group in as many ways as I can. I get many ‘fixes’ of the positive energy on Facebook, and to have the chance to be in the middle of it for a whole weekend? Yes please!

I am honoured to run for Meg that weekend, just as I am honoured to run with and cheer for others who are also challenging themselves in a sport that truly is a reflection of the human spirit to achieve and push through barriers that once were thought immobile. I will be able to witness several members of the group crossing the finish line of their first half marathon, their first marathon…and quite honestly, it is a powerful thing to see people reach their dreams after they have worked so hard to achieve that moment.

So yes, in less than two weeks, I’ll be running half marathon #6. I am so very excited that this race was possible and I get to be a part of the positive energy of the Richmond Marathon weekend, as we run to remember and honour Meg.

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