It’s official: May sucks

Our 10th anniversary was time well spent enjoying a break from running. We went cycling instead.

Our 10th anniversary was time well spent enjoying a break from running. We went cycling instead.

Today on my Facebook memories, a blog I wrote last May 31st come up, talking about how to deal with a bad run. In reading the blog, I was taken back to that run, and man was it a vivid reminder of a really bad run! I struggled and eventually threw in the towel on my long run, opting to clear my head and try again another day.

This May has been just as frustrating running-wise. Amazingly, May has traditionally been a fantastic month for me; my wedding anniversary with my best friend & biggest cheerleader is in May, and this year, we celebrated 10 years of marriage with a fabulous trip that has us eating and drinking through the French wine country. Ok, we had to be a little active in our vacation, so we spent about 20-25 miles a day cycling in Burgundy (on our way to drinking wine and eating food, of course!), and I thought this would help me to stay in shape for running.

Boy, could I not have been more wrong.

It has been just over five weeks since my fabulous run at the Dusseldorf Marathon, where life was good and I was encouraged that a 4-hour marathon was in my sights. Since then, my weekly long runs were 10 mi, 8.5 mi, 0 mi, 0 mi…then I got back and had the bright idea of running a 16 miler my first weekend. Well, I did it, but it wasn’t without a few choice words and questions about what on earth was I thinking. In fact, I ran 12.5 mi on the treadmill then walked home and begged my husband to drive me to our golf course loop for the final 3.5 mi. We started our that portion with a nice steady run, but we ended up walking the final 1.75 mi. Not the way I had envisioned that run at all.

What gives? How could I lose my fitness so quickly? I only gained two pounds on my trip, so it’s not that. And sadly/frighteningly, I am feeling very un-motivated because of the challenges I have had getting back into running since Dusseldorf. I have a long stretch of time before my fall marathons, so I hope I can recapture my running mojo soon and begin proper preparations for Chicago. After all, that is where I plan to attempt my sub 4-hr run.

After cutting my planned 6 mi speed interval run to only 4 miles tonight, I sat thinking about this problem. Not only am I coming off a long vacation (as I did last year at the same time), but I am also thrust into a serious change in weather. Summer in Cayman takes us from warm to stupidly hot overnight, and that change has happened while I was enjoying early spring temps in France. So not only was I away from the normal heat of the island, but I returned to the elevated heat, and now I clearly need to adjust to that.

Hoping that writing this will be a catharsis of sorts, and I will be able to figure out how to regain my passion for running and training through the hot summer months. After all, Girls on the Run is calling me to do my best in Chicago, and I of course want to continue to improve, inspire and encourage others to reach their running goals – no matter what challenge they face.

For me, I’m happy to see the calendar turn past May and into June. Perhaps I just need the change in months to reignite my passion and endurance. Perhaps I need to have more pressing goals. Either way, with the days passing one by one, my race dates get closer and I know that the pressure will light a fire under me so I return to my serious training for the fall marathon schedule.


The one lousy run I did in a 2-week trip to France…2.34 miles in the vineyards. Notice the serious hills, though.

To those of you who are also feeling a bit of a funk, hang in there. At some point you will figure it out and re-discover the passion you had before. I know because I’ve been there. Let’s get through this funk together!

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