I run because I get to

My beautiful, inspirational yellow flower.

My beautiful, inspirational yellow flower.

A couple months ago, a company called Fellow Flowers had a special ‘flower it forward’ promotion, where participants would order their flowers to give to someone else as a way to promote the unity and community that is seen in the running circles. I posted the question on my Facebook page, asking people which flower ‘fits’ them at this time and why. I received some amazing answers and decided to reward the ladies with the flower they identified with.

One person asked me which flower was mine. You see, at this point, I already had the orange flower (unity) and the black flower (rock star) that were both gifted to me by a dear friend, April. I honestly didn’t really identify with any of the other ones. Yet she had suggested the yellow flower, the flower of authenticity, as my flower. I thought about it, and eventually said that yes, I can see that being appropriate.

“Joy, happiness and confidence. To smile for a reason. To appreciate sunshine. To find your happy. Embraces laughter, believes in dreams. I run because I get to.” 

img_9032At the Richmond Marathon weekend, this same friend, Lashell, gifted me the yellow flower. I read the description (above) and realized that this IS me. This is what I am all about at this point of my journey. I don’t have to run, but I choose to embrace the experience, find the joy in this simple act and appreciate my ability to run. I proudly wore the flower at both the Richmond and the Philadelphia Marathons, with it being a great reminder that even if the journey is a challenge, I am out there for the sheer joy and happiness in my ability to run. Which was a statement I drew a great deal of inspiration from starting at mile 21 in each race. Simply looking at the flower. I get to. That’s it. I run because I get to.

It’s not always easy. It’s not always fun or fabulous or the best, fastest most amazing run ever. But no matter the time on the Garmin or the official clock, no matter the weather or the other million factors that go into someone’s day, this simple reminder of running because I get to means all the world to me to continue taking the next steps. To enjoying the journey ahead. I don’t know how long I will be able to run, but I want to be able to enjoy every step along the way while I can.

Which flower fits you at this moment and why? (Click here for the list of flowers and their meanings.)

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