Marathon #31: Budapest Marathon

At some point on the cycling excursion my husband and I undertook in the week preceding the Budapest Marathon, we got on to the subject of haiku, a type of Japanese poetry that is characterized by having three lines, each line with a set number of syllables (5, 7, 5). We joked about describing each day of our cycle trip with a haiku to include in our photo book we will put together afterward. Chris started recapping each day with a haiku, although at the time of publishing this, he still has a few days of the trip to put into verse.

Fast forward to race day, and my headphones stopped communicating with my phone (something went awry with the Bluetooth connection). At mile 11.5. Which left me a long time during the race to entertain myself. I started mentally writing about my run in haiku. It kept me occupied for a while, and it is a reminder of a fun aspect of our vacation. So without further ado, please enjoy.

Budapest Marathon race recap – in haiku

Week of cycling

Followed by a marathon.

Not my smartest plan.


Stomach off, tired legs – ugh!

Didn’t want to run.

I ran anyway.



Lining up to start the race.

Horn sounds. We are off!


Running along the

Danube, going from Buda

To Pest – back and forth.


Crossing the bridges

As we run past famous sites.

Budapest’s glory.


No music for miles.

Now entertaining myself

By writing haikus.


Water stops with food.

Runners grab their fuel and go.

Thanks, volunteers!


Warm temperatures.

Sunny moments makes it hot.

Salty streaks abound.


More walking because my legs hurt.

Longest last two miles.

Ready to finish.


My husband awaits.

Cheerleader, photographer.

My everything.


Post race kiss followed

By salty French fries and beer.

Then to take a nap.

Budapest at night is breathtaking!

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