Weekly workout wrap up – 6 September 2015

50 daysWith only 49 days (49! Days!) to go until Marine Corps Marathon, I find myself fading from the training a bit. Of course, I’m blaming it on the heat, as September has thus far been warmer than August, but I think part of it is ‘seeing’ the finish line ahead and knowing that I am in the final stretch. And since I have basically been training long distances (beyond 13 miles) since February, I guess I am a bit tired and anxious to put myself to the test in a full marathon.

I also experienced a shooting pain in my right knee on Wednesday, after my run. It hurt when I was going up and down stairs, putting weight on the knee. I decided to take an extra rest day this week to just give my body some time to heal up so I can continue making my push for 10/25/15.

So that explains a less than stellar week of training. Here you are:

Sunday: cross training. This mostly consisted of me laying out by the pool. Oh, and five aqua-jogging laps around it, which took me about 20 min total. Not the most inspired cross training effort, but it was something different for my body.

Monday: 4 mi at 6.1 mph. A bit of a recovery run. I felt really good after this.

Tuesday: Rest day (planned)

Wednesday: 8 mi, 6.5mph pace. Was meant to be at race pace (est 6.6-6.7 mph), but I was fading around the 3.5 mi mark. So I dropped my pace back to 6.5 mph to ensure that I could complete the miles.

Thursday: Rest day (unplanned)

Baby turtle

This little guy was still pipping, or coming out of his shell. He was taken to the Dept of Environment office where they will hold him a few days until his yolk sac absorbed all the way, at which point, he will be released into the ocean.

Friday: Rest day (planned). I volunteered with the sea turtle nest monitoring, and ended up walking a total of 3.75 miles through the sand during my 6-hour shift. So maybe I should count this as a cross training day??

Saturday: 18 miles. I was surprisingly strong on this run, doing 7.5 on the treadmill at 6.3 mph pace, and then completing the outdoor portion (10.5 mi) of the run in 1 hr 50 min. Considering it was 102 degrees real feel at the start of the run (and 97 real feel when I finished), this was great, especially as any mile where I ran the whole mile was right around a 10 min/mi pace (there were three miles where I walked a portion of it, and clearly had a slower mile). Completed the evening with an ice bath and an ice cold beer.



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