Dear Taper Diary…part 1

I am officially nearing the end of my taper, the time when I have put in the bulk of the effort and could then lighten the training to ensure I was in top physical form for the marathon. From all those who have gone down this marathon path before, I knew that I would develop a case of the ‘crazies’ during this time – it was just an unknown of how mild or severe it would actually be.

This happens because as you ease off your training to give your body full time to recover before the race, you now suddenly find yourself with extra time on your hands. Time to get creative and envision all the worst case scenarios in your head. Time to continue eating massive quantities of food that you aren’t quite burning off during the lower mile weeks. Time to drive yourself (and those around you) just a bit crazy.

I will let you read and decide what level of crazies happened in my house.


October 4: Is that a pain in my knee? Yes, yes it is. I definitely need to ice it when we get home (flying in from London). Glad I have tomorrow to rest as well before getting back to my running plan.

October 6: OMG, is this a sore throat? (swallows obsessively all day to test it out). I have to take vitamin C. Stupid travel! I knew being around all those people in London and on the plan would make me sick! And of course, my knee still hurts (well, except when I did my 5-mi run today). Wait, is this just the crazies taking hold? I’m sure it is. (Swallows again). Nope, that is definitely a bit sore – tea with honey, that always helps!

October 7: Tearing up many times today about the thought of crossing the finish line. What will that moment be like (*sob, sob*). I hope the Marine putting the medal around my neck doesn’t mind a sweaty hug!! (*sob sob sob loud sob*). Oh, and where are the M&M’s? I REALLY need them NOW.

October 9: Ooohh! Halloween candy in the store! Must have it ALL!

October 10: I woke up three times last night with a weird pain in my knees! OMG, are my legs finally saying ‘enough!!’? I hope not! ARRGGGHHHH! And man, that 12 mile run was BRUTAL! Welcome back to heat & humidity. Ugh. How on earth am I going to run 26 miles when I felt like I was going to pass out at 4.5 miles today? HOW????

October 11: What is this pain in my shins? Do I have a stress fracture? And wow it was great to watch the Chicago Marathon coverage! Congrats to all those people! I’m excited and now more nervous than ever about this marathon! OMG, please reassure me that I will be OK. I’ll never finish in 4 hours, probably not in 4.5 hours (given my run yesterday!). Why did I sign up for this? Why am I sobbing now? Can I have more food? I’m sooooo hungry!

October 12: All. The. Food. Now! (then later at the softball game, where I was watching my husband and keeping score for the team) WHO IS SICK? Two of you? STAY AWAY FROM ME!! I swear if you breathe on me and I get sick I will find and hurt all of you. I CANNOT get sick!!!

So that was my first bit of tapering. I wonder what is in store for me (my husband) the rest of the time between now and 25 October!

For all you runners out there, do you get the taper crazies? What is your craziest moment? Please, make me feel better about the mood swings and the extra food I clearly MUST consume!


6 thoughts on “Dear Taper Diary…part 1

    • Since it is my first time doing all this, it’s just uncharted territory, which is why I thought I would log it. I’m definitely enjoying the lower miles! I’m not as light on my feet in my runs as I thought I would be, but I’m sure that’s going to go away and leave me ready for race day. My guess is that my next taper time might not be so bad, as I’ll know what to expect. (And I’ll plan ahead, like ensuring there is enough chocolate in the house to satisfy my cravings!)

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  1. Very funny and I can empathize, having just gone through my taper for Chicago…by the final week no one was allowed in our house without a medical screening, we were buying stock in Lysol and hand sanitizer, my left knee was mysteriously hurting on every short run and I asked wifey every day if she thought u had gained weight…and thus was marathon #5 so in other words, you’re just like all of us!! Go and enjoy your race and experience, it will be awesome! And, after all that turned out fine for me…we had a wonderful time in Chicago and I ran a PR that I just posted a summary on my site…best of luck, it will all be fine!


    • Haha! I laughed at the ‘have I gained weight’ question. Now you know how women feel all the time!!! Good to know I am in good company. Congrats on the PR and a great race in Chicago. I’m excited but so nervous at this point. Normal? Of course. I really want to just get to the start line and run! That is the best way to get rid of the nerves!!


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