The signs are everywhere!

I love the signs that my buddy, Kiernan, has made for me in my races. He draws them in advance of my races, then his mom takes a picture and sends them to me, so I have one sign just for me on race day. Here is the one he made for the Georgia Half Marathon that I ran March 2015, which is super special to me because it is also where I got to meet my buddy in person.

Kiernan holds the sign he made for me

Kiernan holds the sign he made for me, Georgia Half, March 2015

I can’t tell you the encouragement it gives me to have this sign in my head as I run the miles. In fact, one of the most fun parts of running a race are the signs that people bring and hold as their way of cheering the runners on towards the finish. While many friends and family members make and hold signs that are specific to their runner, others have generic signs they make, which are often rather amusing to see. I’ve seen most of these signs in a race (these pictures are all from a Google search, so not images that I took myself).

Runners, what other signs have you seen on a race course that were particularly memorable? I’m sure you have some great ones!

Now the question is, if you could make a sign to cheer me (or other runners) on race day, what would it say? Feel free to not only share the wording with me, but I would love to actually see it drawn out! Post a picture to my FB page or email it to me at I’d love to see your race day signs ahead of the marathon!

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