Where will 2016 take me?

Yesterday, I received an email saying that I had won a free entry into the Dusseldorf Marathon in Germany in April. And based on my race calendar, it would work perfectly for me to do this marathon. When I posted on Facebook page about this free entry, someone replied ‘Robyn Runs The World is overdue to run in Germany!’ So there it is. I guess it was never really a question for me because that person was right. It was all a matter how to ‘sell it’ to my husband.

Largest medal for a race is at Little Rock. The marathon medal is the size of a dinner plate!

Largest medal for a race is at Little Rock. The marathon medal is the size of a dinner plate!

When I started looking at 2016 races, I discussed with my husband, who by the way is THE MOST supportive person and has been an incredible motivator, source of strength and my best friend with all this running. He respectfully asked that I limit my race trips to only three for the year. My brain quickly started thinking about what I wanted to do and how I could incorporate an extra race or two to our already planned trips. (Dusseldorf is throwing my plan off a bit, but I think I can get the flight by using miles, and perhaps I can get a night or two of free hotel with points. I’ll be looking this week, by the way.)

Here is where my running will take me in 2016:

January 17: Louisiana Marathon

March 6: Little Rock Marathon (part of a bigger trip to visit some friends)

April 24: Dusseldorf Marathon

Marathon du Medoc: because running 26.2 miles isn't crazy enough. You need to drink wine along the way. Oh, and possibly run next to someone dressed as wine.

Marathon du Medoc: because running 26.2 miles isn’t crazy enough. You need to drink wine along the way. Oh, and possibly run next to someone dressed as wine.

September 10: Marathon du Medoc (part of my 40th birthday trip)

October 9: either Chicago or Twin Cities Marathon

November 12: Richmond Half Marathon (although I had a dream that I ‘did a Ken’ and accidentally signed up for the full! I was sad about that because it meant I wasn’t going to be able to cheer most of the runners in!)

November 20: Philadelphia Marathon (part of our Thanksgiving trip to Philadelphia)

Dec 4: Cayman Islands Half Marathon (my home race)


So wow. It is a bit daunting putting it on paper (or on a computer screen). I never thought I would want to run multiple marathons, but the joy and freedom I feel on those long runs is something that is so powerful. I honestly am looking forward to these races, where I will see new places, enjoy a physical challenge and (at least in the Medoc) drink some wine in the process!

Again, a great big shout out goes to my wonderful husband Chris, who already realizes that our Saturday long runs will continue for another year, and that he will just have to put up with me talking about all things running. I am so grateful for his support, and I look forward to making him proud as I take on new cities – even new countries – as part of my effort to run the world!

Where is running taking you next year? What races are on your schedule? Maybe we will have a chance to meet up during our travels in 2016! And of course, I want to hear about any races you do – I may have to add them to my schedule in a future year.

5 thoughts on “Where will 2016 take me?

  1. That is so awesome Robyn!!! Your 2016 sounds amazing!!! Come to Chicago and run with me! My 1st full….woohoo! You inspire me girl!!! 💙💙💙


  2. Sounds like an awesome race calendar. I’m very lucky to have such a supportive spouse as well and it makes such a difference. 2016 race schedule for us starts in a month at the Maui Oceanfront Marathon, then Salt Lake in April, RnR Seattle (home town) in June. We’ll head to Montana in July for the Missoula marathon, a half in Boise in September, and finish with a fall marathon in Philly, Indy, or Boise…that last one depends on my work schedule so is still very much TBD. Look forward to following your adventures!


  3. Fired up for you friend. Fired up for me because I see two races where I’ll get to see you and run with you. Including your home race! Excited about that one. Great year. Great year ahead.


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