Love Comes Softly

I did not always enjoy running. In fact, when I was in school, I absolutely DREADED the one-mile fitness run. I’ve never been an unfit person thanks to softball, dance and gymnastics, but running has never been ‘my thing.’

Until now.

Ken runs to the finish of his first marathon.

Ken runs to the finish of his first marathon.


Memorial Run with April 3In the last two years since I have been running on a regular basis, I have come to tolerate, respect, enjoy and finally love the sport of running. There is so much freedom that comes with the designated ‘me’ time I have when I am on a run. I love the feeling of not having to be anywhere but where my feet are at that moment. The power surging through my legs as I push to new speeds or new distances empowers me even further. The community and feeling of support from others in this vast, diverse running community and the chance to be supported one day, then be the supporter the next is heart warming. The changes being made in my body to a strong, muscular physique and healthier heart have encouraged me to continue with this sport. The sense of accomplishment I feel when I meet – and especially when I exceed – my goals is unparalleled. The lesson of patience that I learn again and again while training (you have to be patient to train for long distance runs!) has actually not been as crazy a lesson that I would have thought. The many, many moments I have captured in a ‘mental snapshot’ and will look on as part of my running ‘career’ and smile. And of course, when I have a bad run, the knowledge that I have another chance again the next day to ‘fix’ what didn’t work and try it all over again reminds me that it is never a failure when I learn something from it.

Sporting my medal on the flight home.

Sporting my medal on the flight home.

It has taken me a while to realize how much I have come to love this sport. And somewhere along the way, the dread of running has morphed into a deep respect and even love for the sport and the people who participate.

Do you love to run? Or are you still in the ‘tolerate’ or even ‘dread’ phase? How did you come to love the sport? How long did it take? I’m curious to hear about others who may have also had the realization they also fell in love with running.

2 thoughts on “Love Comes Softly

  1. I tolerate the runs because I love the people involved, the togetherness and the comraderie. Also, I always feel great for hours after a run. And the health benefits and feelings of accomplishment are amazing!


    • I run alone most of the time, but my husband always meets me for the last 3-4 miles of my long runs each week. He doesn’t ‘enjoy’ running either, but for both of us, that time together has been something we both look forward to every week. And of course, all the people you meet and get to know through the sport. I can’t imagine not having everyone ‘on my team’ wishing me the success of crossing a finish line. The community certainly has tipped me into the ‘love’ of the sport.


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