Making miles matter more

For a few years, I have been using an app when I run to help make my miles count even more. I’ve shared it on Facebook a few times (mostly when I first discovered it), but I want to share it again as I think most runners are looking for ways to truly make their running as meaningful and having the maximum impact possible. I was inspired to post this today because Alex, a young, brave cancer warrior for whom I ran the Baltimore Marathon 2017, took his last breath yesterday, Saturday 4th May. Today, I’m determined to get my 18 mi run in and make those miles matter for Alex and all others who are facing a cancer diagnosis. Dedication of miles is nice, but having another way for miles to translate into more is even better.

I use the Charity Miles app when I run to earn money for Stand up to Cancer in memory of my mom.

Enter Charity Miles. This is an app with a very simple premise. For every mile you move when using the app, you earn money for your selected charity (pick from one of 42 amazing organisations!). The money that goes to the charities comes from corporate sponsors, and at the end of each term, Charity Miles sends the charities their share of the sponsorship pool.

Each year I’ve used this, I’ve selected a different charity including Girls on the Run, Back on my Feet and the Wounded Warrior Project. Since my mom’s cancer diagnosis, I’ve been running to support Stand Up To Cancer as a way to honour, and now remember, her journey with brain cancer. And now it is in memory of Alex, too.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the FREE app to your phone.
  2. Set up your account and choose your charity.
  3. Get out and move – walk, run, bike…whatever – while using the app.
  4. For every mile you move when using the app, your charity earns money.

For more information and to download Charity Miles click here.

Please join me in using this app every time you head out for a walk, run or bike ride! And tell me about which charity you choose and why. I’d love to hear what efforts speak to you. This is such a simple tool to help ensure your miles make more of an impact for the causes you hold dear. As Charity Miles says, ‘ever miles matters!’

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